Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 Date

Before beginning an important task, most Hindus pray to Ganesha, the God of Good Fortune, Wealth, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

Vinayak Chaturthi, or Ganesh Chaturthi, is another name for this celebration. Lord Ganesh was born on this day.

Each day, people all across the world say a prayer to Lord Ganesh, the Hindu god of good fortune, before they start their day.

Devotees can be seen on the streets of numerous Indian cities as they shout prayers while making their way to and from various temples and shrines.

After 10 days, Ganesh is believed to have gone to Mount Kailash to see Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, so the festival ends and the idols are tossed into the sea.

Any people also choose to stop drinking alcohol and eating meat during this time. Tourists shouldn't miss this event because the people of Maharashtra are so excited about it.

Start of Tithi is at 3:33 pm on 30 August and end is at 3:22 pm on 31 August.

Lord Ganesha's birthday is August 31, so the party on that day is in his honour.