Pallotty 90’s Kids OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, Cast, Watch Online

Pallotty 90’s Kids Movie OTT Release Date, Time, Cast, OTT platform, Trailer, and many more details can be checked in this article. Pallotty 90’s Kids movie is expected to hit the theatres on 10 November 2023. Despite the fact that some Malayalam filmmakers have pushed the envelope by releasing high-profile, commercial films such as Empuran 2, Kathanar, Aadujeevitham, Ajayante Randam Moshanam, and others, they rarely disappoint their audiences with their work. A new Malayalam film titled “Pallotty 90’s Kids” is currently under production. The title of this film is the most memorable, implying that it would appeal most to people who grew up in the 1990s. Pallotty 90’s Kids stars Arjun Ashokan, Balu Varghese, Davinchi Santhosh, and Neeraj Krishna.

Saiju Kurup, Sudheesh Koppa, and Dinesh Panicker play major parts, while the film also stars Sreya Raghav, Abu Valayamkulam, Mariya Prince Antony, Ajeesha, and Uma. The Pallotty 90’s Kids teaser was released 11 months ago, to be exact. It’s unknown why the film hasn’t been released. This was the first film exhibited by acclaimed director Lijo José Pellisarry in his career. This film would appeal to all Indian children born in the 1990s. The way of life of 90s kids is virtually the same regardless of where you live or how the culture is, especially when it comes to gaming. According to the sources, the film will be released in November 2023. Read the complete article for more details on the film.

Pallotty 90’s Kids Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

The work on Pallotty 90’s is finished, but the producers are waiting for the right moment to release it. Pallotty 90’s Kids was created on a shoestring budget in order to avoid competing with any of the major Malayalam films. This type of film should be distributed on its own to maximize audience size and assure safety. Jithin Raj directed this film, which was based on the short Pallotty.

Movie NamePallotty’s 90’s Kids
OTT PlatformTBA
OTT Release DateTBA
Theatrical Release DateNovember 2023
DirectorJithin Raj
StarringArjun Ashokan, Balu Varghese, Davinchi Santhosh, Neeraj Krishna, Saiju Kurup, and others
Film IndustryMollywood

Pallotty 90’s Kids Movie OTT Release Date

Pallotty 90’s Kids digital rights information is yet to be announced by the makers and movie is expected to hit the screens on 10 November 2023. Arjun Ashokan, one of Malayalam’s top performers, has garnered international acclaim as a result of the film Romancham. Despite his brief appearance, he leaves a lasting impression with this outstanding performance. Following Romancham, he appeared in films like as Thrishanku, Pranaya Vilasam, Thuramukham, and Khali Purse of Billionaires. Arjun Ashokan has never made an attempt to exclusively perform in solo films; if a role appeals to him, he will accept it. He appeared in films starring Mammootty, such as Abraham Ozler, Ennitu Avasanam, Nancy Rani, Chaaver, and Bramayugam, in addition to Pallotty’s 90’s Kids.

Balu Varghese will portray one of the leads in this film. In the film Chanthupottu, he made his acting debut as a little child. Balu Varghese has appeared in films such as Charles Investments, Operation Java, Jan. E. Man, Sumesh, Ramesh, and Vichithram. Charles Enterprises was his final known location. There is currently no indication on when Pallotty 90’s Kids will be accessible on OTT. Keep in contact; as soon as we obtain official information, we’ll notify you.

Pallotty 90’s Kids Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

Davinchi Santhosh, best known for her roles in Varayan, Pada, Bheeshma Parvam, Thottappan, and Kaadakalam, plays a small child in this film. Another actor, Neeraj Krishna, gets a crucial role to play in this film. Sudheesh Koppa, Dinesh Panicker, Sreya Raghav, Abu Valayamkulam, Mariya Prince Antony, Ajeesha, and Uma play important roles in the film. Sudheesh Koppa has a big part in this film. Mukundan Unni Partners was his most recent appearance.

Saiju Kurup, an overlooked actor, has a key role in this film. The film Pallotty 90’s Kids will live on in the memories of every 90’s kid. We now live in a Zen-G culture in which children do not grasp the value of friendship. Zen-Gs will certainly discover how natural and pleasant life is if they watch this film. In terms of Pallotty 90’s Kids digital rights, all information will be made public once the film hits theaters.

Theatrical Release Date: November 2023

Digital Rights: TBA

OTT Release Date: TBA

Satellite Rights: TBA

Satellite Release Date: TBA


Kannan and Unni’s beautiful bond is depicted in Pallotty 90’s Kids. The plot is set in the 1990s, and the film is mostly on how their friendship evolves through time.

Cast & Crew

Abu Valayamkulam, Ajeesha, Uma, Arjun Ashokan, Balu Varghese, Davinchi Santhosh, Neeraj Krishna, Saiju Kurup, Sudheesh Koppa, Dinesh Panicker. Deepak Vasan wrote the screenplay, which Jithin Raj directed. The soundtrack and background score were written by Manikandan Ayyappa, the film was photographed by Sharon Sreenivas, and it was edited by Rohit VS Variyath. Nithin Radha Krishnan and Sajid Yahiya are the film’s producers.

Pallotty 90’s Kids Trailer

Pallotty 90’s Kids Maker teaser has been released, and it is great. The film takes place in the 1990s. If you’re curious, watch the teaser video below.

Pallotty 90’s Kids Movie OTT: FAQ

Is Pallotty 90’s Kids Released?

Pallotty 90’s Kids is not yet released.

Where can I watch Pallotty 90’s Kids?

Theater, Pallotty 90’s Kids is expected to hit the screens in somewhere in November 2023.

Is Pallotty 90’s Kids available on OTT?

No, Pallotty 90’s Kids is not available on OTT as of now but it will be available very soon

What is the OTT Release date of Pallotty 90’s Kids Movie?

Not Confirmed, Pallotty 90’s Kids is expected to be released on OTT somewhere in December 2023

Who bought Pallotty 90’s Kids Movie OTT Rights?

Pallotty 90’s Kids makers haven’t anounced it yet

What is the Pallotty 90’s Kids OTT Rights Price?

According to media rumours, Pallotty 90’s Kids has been sold to a leading OTT platform for Rs 3 crores.

Final Words

Pallotty 90’s Kids is being billed as a drama with a release date of November 2023. In addition to focusing on the exceptional lives of the 1990s, the film examines friendship. The cast as a whole and the fascinating tale are the film’s selling points. Despite its foul language, the film will appeal to children born in the 1990s. Let’s see how this film performs.

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