Malayalam Movies Hits and Flops List

Malayalam Movies Hits and Flops List: Since Kerala has been the Hot bed for Corona Virus in India, Many Mollywood movies have Postponed its theatrical Release from the Sheduled date. Secon Wave has also Ht Mollywood Industry a Lot. Nizhal is the Last Movie that got Released in Kerala Theatres on 9th April just Before Second wave started. From then to till now not even one theatre opened.

Malayalam Movies Hits and Flops List

Bigg Malayalam Movies Like Malik, Sarpatta, Vazh have released on OTT directly. Now Malaylam Original Pan Indian Biggest Project Movie “ Minnal Murali” too heading for Netflix direct Premiere. Kerala is the Most effected State with Corona. Mollywood Industry faced huge loses. Below we have given you all the Hit and Flop Malayalam Movies released in 2021

Mollywood Hits and Flops Movies List – 2021

Movie Name Verdict: Hit or Flop
Nizhal Average
Chathur Mukham Disaster
Nayattu None
Biriyaani Disaster
Aanum Pennum Disaster
One Hit
Kala Hit
Naleykay Disaster
Mohan Kumar Fans Average
Insha Disaster
Mosagallu None
Meezan Disaster
Varthamanam Disaster
Tsunami Disaster
The Priest BlockBuster
Ellom Disaster
Sahyadriyile Chuvanna Pookkal Disaster
Black Coffee Flop
Yuvam Disaster
Saajan Bakery Since 1962 Flop
Operation Java Hit
Changayi Disaster
Eval Gopika Disaster
Vaanku Disaster
Love Flop
Vellam Losing
Red Flop
Krack Average

Disclaimer: The Above given details are taken from the various sources on the Internet. This website doesn’t give any Autheticity on the Above Collections Information. However what all the details that have been written is close to truth and nothing false.

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