DVDPlay Malayalam Movies Download: DVDPlay is one of the most popular piracy sites which keeps on uploading the latest movies of all languages. If any big or Small Movie releases into theatres, then DVDplay uploads those movies Piracy copy into its sites. In this article, we will explain fully about DVDplay piracy website.


What is DVDPlay?

DVDPlay is one of the piracy sites in India that uploads movies copies into sites illegally as soon as the movie releases into theatres. DVDPlay is one of those popular piracy sites. This DVDplay has started recently and it is not old like Tamilrockers and movierulz.

How to Download Movies from DVDPlay?

Downloading movies from DVDPlay is very easy.  You don’t need to have the vast technical knowledge to download. Here in this article, we explain to you each and every point how to download movies from DVDPlay

Go To Google search and type dvdplay. type DVDplay without giving space between DVD and Play. Then you can see Dvdplay.rest site appears on your screens.

login into DVDPlay.rest site. In the top section of Page, you can see the latest Movies list. Below that You can see movies in language categories wise.

Click on your favorite language or required languages movies.  Then movies of the latest Telugu language appear on your screens. Select your favorite movie and start downloading it.

DVDPlay Alternative sites

There are many Piracy sites available alternatives to DVDPlay. If you face any Problem in downloading Movies from the DVDPlay then you can go for the below piracy. The below sites also cover all the latest movies piracy copies.

The Pirate Bay







DVDPlay Blocked Links

DVDPlay site was started as DVDPlay.in but as the latest piracy movies get uploading many of the sites of dvdplay have been banned and blocked. But as soon as they are blocked New DVDPlay Piracy sites appear again. Here below are some of those Blocked DVDPlay sites









DVDPlay Live Links

It is common that No Piracy site lives longer, they will be banned and blocked by the cybercrime. But even though these sites come up with new extensions. Here are some of the latest dvdplay sites that have come  up after its previous were got banned.

dvdplay. pkm






How To Watch Malayalam Movies Online Legally

There are many official legal platforms where you can watch the latest Malayalam movie legally and even freely without paying a rupee. On Hotstar App there are some popular Malayalam movies for which you no need to subscribe. In youtube also many good Malayalam movies are available. Subscription rates of OTT Platforms have also come down and so you can watch legally and freely.

DVDPlay Legal Alternative sites

It will be safe for you if you watch the Latest Malayalam movies on Legal Alternative sites. Here below in this article, we are giving you the safest and legal alternative sites where you can watch Malayalam movies.








Is it legal to watch or download movies from DVDPlay:

Dvdplay is a Piracy site, watching and downloading movies from it is completely illegal and you may land in problems. Dvdplay site is not at al safe for the common people. These sites may have hacking software and malware which could damage your devices.

There are many piracy sites like DVDplay which uploads the latest Malayalam movies. A number of alternatives are also there if this site gets banned or blocked. But Dvdplay is not safe to download the latest movie.


What is dvdplay?

Dvdplay is just like another piracy site that uploads latest Malayalam movies.

Can we find other language movies on dvdplay?

Other language’s latest movies also get uploaded in this dvdplay but the main focus is on Mollywood

Mention some live dvdplay sites which aren’t blocked?

dvdplay.ned, dvdplay.wer, dvdplay.qtr. These sites aren’t banned and they are running at present

Is it safe to download and watch a Piracy movie?

Not at all safe. There are chances that you might be caught by the Cyber police. Piracy is an offense and you may face legal consequences also. 

Disclaimer: What all information we have given above is only for knowledge and we don’t encourage Piracy at any cost. Watch the latest movies only in Theatres or on OTT Platforms. If you watch and download Piracy, then you may face legal consequences.

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